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Amazing A-Z Alphaquest

Activity Book - Published July 25, 2023

Are you ready for the ultimate puzzle challenge?

  • 26 insanely intricate seek-and-find visual puzzles

  • Over 4,000 objects to discover and identify

  • Each puzzle folds out to a full 18" x 12" poster

  • Challenge your seek-and-find skills with 200 objects to find per puzzle


An activity book for young adults and grown-ups, Amazing A-Z AlphaQuest Activity Book features amazing, highly detailed art that will capture your interest like no other activity book can!

With over 4,000 objects to discover and identify, this seek-and-find book features 26 enchanting worlds, each beautifully themed around a letter of the alphabet, and each with at least 200 objects for you to discover, all starting with the same letter.

A true test to challenge your seek-and-find skills and your vocabulary, with these puzzles, you'll try to identify a nearly unlimited list of objects found in the world around us—from the world's largest animals and tiniest insects to plants, things that fly, and objects found in our everyday lives.

These impressive illustrations are printed on a high-quality matte finish stock and fold out to a full 18" x 12" poster format. You'll find a numbered and ruled list on the back of each expandable, fold-out page, to write down and keep track of all the hidden objects you find as you go. A complete list of all the items to be found is provided in the back of the book in case you get stuck.

A fun activity for adults and teens, puzzles are brimming with scientifically proven health benefits, including improved memory, mood, problem-solving skills, and visual-spatial reasoning. They can increase your IQ, delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's, reduce stress, and many other valuable health benefits.

Author Andrew Ruhren holds an MFA in multimedia and has 15 years of experience as an artist and college professor in the New York City area. He's been living in Japan for the last 11 years where he runs an ESL school.

Discover hundreds of hidden objects as you scour page after page of jam-packed and highly detailed illustrations in this brain-busting adult activity book. With so much to look at, you'll find something new every time you search!

Perfect for anyone who loves challenging puzzles that will keep you occupied for days, Amazing A-Z AlphaQuest Activity Book will exercise your eyes and improve your brain health with each bustling scene!


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